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I stayed up too late last night posting on an anti-RIC FB page. I didn't think I was arguing, but the moderator seemed to think it was. The general gist is that they posted a link to a poll someone had made saying 'Do you prefer the look of a circumcised or uncircumcised penis?'. I thought that was pretty awful. If you assume that most people who oppose circumcision consider it to be mutilation, and most people who are pro-circumcision consider the foreskin to be a birth defect, HOW is it fair to claim one or the other is ugly? Change the word circumcision to 'cleft lip' (as an example of a birth defect, talking merely of looks), and you've just given your opinion on how ugly a person is. Nice. Not only that, but it's hypocritical for someone anti-RIC to talk about preference of how it looks, because, when someone says they did it for aesthetic reasons (preference, to look like Dad etc), everybody's all over it saying "That's a terrible reason to do it". So what. The. Shit.

Anyway, they said they'll continue to post links to such polls. Yes, yes, let's call all men ugly because we have differing opinions. UGH!

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Bryn's got this new thing where he sits on your lap and keeps treading his feet on the sofa super fast and watches them with great interest. I think it's the stickiness of the leather and the noise.

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I'm sitting on the floor in Bryn's room hoping he will entertain hself in his cot because my back's sore from holding him all day.

We're going to Betws-y-Coed tomorrow, all being well. Matt needs a new Nuptse jacket.

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Dec. 29th, 2009 13:13
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Matt's going to the gym. The baby is quiet... But for how much longer? Oi! That's my car! Bloody pikey boyfriend. I've a good mind to steal his.

I saw the doctor. She scrutinized my face and said I looked brighter 'or is it wishful thinking?' I said I feel better. I felt better last time though. Generally. I do remember what it is to be down so I know I'm fine. What I wouldn't turn my nose up at would be the chance to see a counsellor or something. Don't know why. It's not like they'd be able to change anything or feed Bryn or stop me crying over breastfeeding posters on pharmacy walls. Anyway, she gave me the OCP. Same one as last time. I still have one pack from last time so I WISH I'd have started taking it when my period started because now we still can't have sex. It's been bloody months.

I have to take my iPod out of its case to type properly. It automatically puts apostrophes on wordslike didn't. It also does it with words like its, as in the posessive, so istill have to be on the ball and take it out. So it won't make me too lazy.

Now Bryn's quiet and I can use this, I ought to write Birth Story Part Two - Ward A5. Yeah. Let's.

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