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Finally, a question I like!

I sometimes find it difficult to separate the music from the lyrics. Sometimes it's hard to say what it is that's made such an impression.

I can only think of one from Muse's Map of the Problematique. "I can't get it right since I met you". Which I can't relate to really. But I think that with the music gives an aching feeling, a hopeless feeling. I like hopeless lyrics. I don't like hopeful lyrics. I'm disappointed by hopeful lyrics.

Oh, I thought of another. It's not so much the lyrics as their relation to the rest of the song. It's Easyworld's Junkies and Whores. The song goes on to tell of a relationship doomed to fail over and and over again. And the singer is pouring his heart out to his partner (It's all You, You're, Your, We). The music's emotional. And at the end of the song, you feel the person must be drained, and his last words are, "You sleep so still, you'll sleep through everything". His partner was asleep the whole time. Had he the courage to say these things while she was awake they could be saved.

I also like Easyworld's Me. It tells of two friends who crossed the line between friends and partners. The singer is downstairs in the kitchen wondering if their friendship's ruined and what his friend, or girlfriend, is doing. He's supposed to be making a drink. The last line is "A melancholic sad reminder. The kettle boiled an hour ago". He's been too afraid and too busy thinking. It's hardly Ivor Novello stuff but it's the banality of it that gets me. And the way it just stops and he has to face the music after he's been hiding behind it.

I bet I'll think of at least ten more later. And I'll wonder how I could have forgotten.

Edit: Deacon Blue's Your Town. Again, probably the music that makes me love it but it's a dark song and I like to pretend it's a song about a failed relationship. I know it's not about that but la la la, I'm not listening.


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